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Alto installs a variety of Epoxy finishes, from basic one-color Epoxy to beautiful metallic, quartz and flake finishes. Or, if you’re a sports fan, show your spirit by embedding your team logo into your floor. Your choices are endless. With the four-step process, you can rest assured that the outcome will leave you speechless.

Epoxy is comprised of resin and hardener which chemically react to form a rigid, plastic material. The resulting material is strong, durable, and resistant and bonds extremely well to most base layers. Epoxy withstands rugged wear and is slip-resistant so it is ideal for commercial or retail uses as well as garages. Epoxy floor coating systems include quartz, chip blends, solids and metallic in a variety of colors.

Alternatively, if time is an issue, One-Day Epoxy is available. Stone is a new type of Epoxy flooring with unlimited design possibilities and minimal down time.

As a professional Epoxy coating company, we always recommend using Epoxy on concrete floors which are porous, anti-shock resistant, slippery, they stain easily and absorb moisture. With an Epoxy floor system these are problems of the past.

  1. Prepared Concrete
    (diamond grinding)
    Cracks and seams are filled and the whole floor is diamond grinded to smooth the surface for superior adhesion in the second step.

  3. Polyurea/Epoxy Base Coat
    Next, a tinted primer base coat is added on top of the grinded floor.

  5. Layer of Decorative Chips
    (full coverage)
    A full layer of decorative chips is added next. The chips are broad-cast for even and full coverage. Full range of colors available.

  7. Polyurea Top Coat
    (high durability clear coat)
    The final step is a highly durable, chemical resistant, and UV-stable top coat. This means it won’t discolor over time, keeping your flooring looking pristine.
Epoxy Flooring Polyurea Top Coat


  • Durability: stronger than concrete; will not crack or peel
  • Cleanliness: easier to clean than other surfaces
  • Stain Resistant: oil, grease and common cleaning agents will not penetrate
  • Safety: skid resistant
  • Aesthetics: long lasting beauty
  • UV Resistant: will not discolor
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Garage Expoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring Color Choices



Cementitious urethane flooring is made from a urethane resin combined with Portland cement mortar or slurry. This creates a tenacious bond when installed direct to concrete—even when the slab is moist.

Cementitious urethane provides superior resistance to alkaline and acids compared to other floor coatings and can also help mitigate moisture vapor. Since it expands and contracts at the same rate as concrete, this flooring provides excellent thermal shock resistance and remains bonded to the slab even with rapid changes in temperature.

This system is highly resistant to chemicals and stains, can be tinted, resists yellowing and provides a higher level of slip-resistance compared to other flooring solutions. Urethane cement flooring is well-suited for food and beverage plants, commerical kitchens, wet processing operations, pharmaceutical or medical manufacturing facilies, hospitals and other medical treatment facilities as well as many other heavy-duty applications. It is easy to clean and maintain and provides protection against microbes and bacteria. This is the ideal solution for a constantly fluctuating facility environment.

Urethane Cement Flooring



Polished concrete is a multi-step process where a concrete floor is mechanically ground, honed and polished with bonded abrasives in order to cut the floor’s surface. It is then refined with each cut in order to acheive a specified level of appearance.

Concrete Polishing



If you prefer the look of tiles, interlocking floor tiles are another great product. Alto Boston also installs interlocking PVC floor tiles made here in the USA. They are guaranteed for life, puncture proof, and mold & mildew proof. There are a variety of colors to choose from. You can do one solid color or spice it up and do a checkered pattern. Whatever your preference, interlocking floor tiles are a great finish for your floor. They are easy to clean and can be easily taken apart to clean underneath.

Interlocking PVC floor tiles
PVC Tile Colors


With constant, heavy foot traffic and contaminants such as dirt and rocks brought in on shoes, your commercial space needs flooring that is not only attractive, but durable and easy to clean. This can be achieved with an Epoxy finish. The extremely hard surface resists wear and tear as well as abrasions keeping your floor beautiful. Another feature of Epoxy flooring is its ability to maintain its original coloring due to the UV-protected top coat which prevents discoloration from the sun, making it low maintenance and ideal for commercial spaces. An Epoxy floor will help maintain and/or raise the value of your property, will provide enhanced aesthetics and increase safety, sustainability & cleanliness.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installation
Epoxy flooring for your commercial space


Industrial floors, like those in production and storage facilities and distribution centers, are extremely important. Having a smooth, durable, non-slip floor helps with the ease of movement of all your heavy machinery and equipment, but most importantly, the safety of your employees. Unprotected concrete will eventually start to crack and crumble, making it difficult to move equipment which puts your employees at risk. Alto suggests applying an industrial-grade Epoxy floor coating with a non-slip additive. Its chemical-resistant finish protects against oil, grease, gas and common cleaning agents. An Epoxy floor coating will provide you a seamless and durable surface, enhanced aesthetics, safety, sustainability and cleanliness that will help you maintain peak performance for years to come.

Industrial non-slip flooring
Epoxy floor coating for industrial spaces


Epoxy floors provide the glamour and durability that may have been initially missing from your garage or other living spaces. Metallic, flakes or clear coat are only a few of the solutions that we offer at Alto Boston. Transforming your garage or other areas into unique living spaces with minimum maintenance, Epoxy is the favorite choice of architects and interior designers for today’s homes.

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